Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Just about every growing organization today is constantly looking to increase its “Business IQ”—the over-arching parameter that is equated with competitiveness, market share, return on investment, and growth.

In just the past few years, the proliferation of all things digital and the sheer availability of huge amounts of data has taken the domains of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization to new realms. Enterprises are increasingly adopting new technologies to both acquire and consume the data that goes into different types of visualizations, and many organizations are investing heavily in the latest Business Intelligence and Visualization software tools, keeping in mind their overall goal to stay a step ahead of their competitors. In reaching this goal, our approach is to help our clients build an environment in which a reliable assemblage of tools is available to assure end-users always have quick access to actionable information.

Armed with an intimate understanding of just how and why our customers are vying for increased profitability and market share, our consultants target their efforts to assist in the exploration of the data, unearthing the insights it conveys, and presenting it in a manner that enables quick and accurate decision-making.

Our Data Visualization development efforts have a singular mantra: armed with intimate knowledge of the client’s questions (for which they need dependable answers), we strive to provide a representation of critical information that ‘makes the light bulb go off’—with a well-crafted, straightforward and enlightened design approach. Our teams are extremely adept in the selection and development of compelling Visualization tools and techniques, as well the utilization of the most effective technical implementation of those tools. Our mission is to build seamless, comprehensive solutions that encompass Legacy systems, ERP systems, and many other platforms.

ERP Cloud is dedicated to providing comprehensive, leading-edge Business Intelligence and Data Visualization services that encompass Legacy systems, ERP systems, and many other platforms that encompass the following:

  • Architecture Consulting and Implementation
  • Metrics and Scorecards - KPI Definition and Management
  • ROLAP/MOLAP/HOLAP Implementation

Additional Services Include

  • Self-Service BI
  • Dynamic Data
  • Visual Querying – Drill-downs
  • In-memory Analytics

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